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21st Century Physio Podcast

21st Century Physio Podcast

In Episode 003 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast by MAT, Steve is joined by the Ultimate PhysioNicholas Schuster.

Nick is a clinic owner just like you, and nearly suffered inevitable burnout some years back. On his busiest week he saw 134 patients himself!

He now runs a practice where he sees patients for 15-20 hours per week, and spend the rest of his week working on the business and mentoring his awesome team. His clinic is busier and more profitable than ever before, and he loves the environment he has created and the full trust he has in my team. Coming to work every day is a pleasure for Nick.

In this episode, Niick discusses:
1/ Key business metrics that you can implement into your practice tomorrow
2/ How to turn your team in the ultimate Physios
3/ Great team bonding tips to build a successful team

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