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So chances are if you are reading this you have either completed Nick’s 9 month “Build the Ultimate Physio Clinic” programme, or you are a clinic owner operating at a high level seeking out one on one coaching from someone who intimately understands the industry and who has not only been there and done that, but helped other physio clinic owners to build 7 figure businesses that aren’t reliant on the owner.


Work closely with a coach not only with a proven track record, but a coach who uses one of the most cutting edge and proven systems in coaching to optimise your accountability and results.


When you work with Nick in this high performance setting, he will initially perform a live half day clinic audit, where he comes to your clinic observes the location and waiting area, has a treatment with a physio of your mutual choosing, then spends time with you assessing how you spend your day.


From this initial audit and the subsequent initial coaching session where Nick looks at your 10, 3 and 1 year goals Nick will then work with you to determine a tailored plan to help you achieve not only what you consider your goals to be, but results in your clinic and life that you didn’t consider possible.


Coaching looks like a monthly 1.5 hour strategy session with Nick over Zoom, your own personalised Trello board for task management and accountability, unlimited access to Nick through a private Whatsapp messenger channel, and unlimited phone and email access to Nick, as well as access to all of Nick’s personal spreadsheets, marketing material and intellectual property.


Entry into this programme is by application only, to enquire please contact Nick@ultimatephysio.com.au to determine your suitability.

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