Train The Ultimate Physio

How can you improve their performance when you are so busy in your own job looking after all of your patients?


You have poured your heart and soul into building your clinic, giving your clients the best quality treatment, and finding great new Physios to join your team and teaching them all you know about Physio. But there is one thing that negatively affects your business above all - the performance of your physio staff. How can you improve their performance when you are so busy in your own job looking after all of your patients? How can you create a business where you attract the best Physios, You have time to train them, and they become high performers?

As a clinic owner for the past 14 years I had to work this stuff out for myself.

5 years ago I thought I was the best boss in the world - I had a stable team of 10 people, and they had all been with me for at least 3 years. Then in a 6 month period 6 of them all moved on, including my best and most loyal Physio.

I had trouble finding a capable replacement for my best Physio and my business was bordering on being unprofitable.

Over the next 4 years I read books, went to courses and hired as many consultants as I could find to help me turn my clinic into a place that would attract the best Physios who would want to stay, and to develop a rock solid team training system that would turn my Physios into genuine leaders.

I implemented these learnings with my new Physio team over the past 2 years and I have had results with these Physios that I never thought possible. They buy into my clinic's vision, they are highly profitable, their books are constantly full and they are going to be at my clinic for years to come. They have given me the freedom to reduce my caseload, build my business, and focus on changing the world!

"Train the Ultimate Physio" is a course that I have developed over the last 5 years, during which time I have spent almost $200 000 on my own education to learn how to be a true leader in my clinic. I want to teach you everything I have learned over that time in a 6 week course, for a fraction of the price. Interested?


Unlimited access to our Membership Website

As a part of your membership to this elite group, you will get inside access to my private practice skills and knowledge in a private forum setting alongside other Physio clinic owners who want to better themselves, like you. As you complete the course you will have access to online video workshops, training materials and online personality profile software. We will work as a team through our closed Facebook group, where we will debrief and discuss the modules as we go – you will learn as much from your fellow group participants as you will learn from me.

Specifically Tailored Course materials

Each module of our course will have a learning video accompanied by an exercise to maximise your learning. Physio clinic owners often learn best by doing, and the exercises we will do together will add heaps of value to your learning. After each module, there will be a discussion in the closed VIP group. This way, we can share our opinions, thoughts, and challenges with each other to make sure you get as much as possible from the modules.

Become a Leader

After doing this course, you will have unique insight into what makes you a leader, what holds you back, how to set goals you will actually achieve, and the habits you need to create each week to achieve these goals. This journey of leadership and personal development is like nothing else that exists in the Physio profession, and the information in our course will give you a definite advantage in your clinic, making you a true mentor and employer of choice in your region.

This course is for you if you want to take charge of your clinic
Build your leadership credentials to find and keep the best Physios
Learn about what is holding you back so you can break through to the next level
Interested in personal development? Get ready to grow
Learn more about who you are, and what drives you
Want to achieve your goals and live a life with purpose? Learn how
Make a bigger different in the lives of your team, by becoming a real leader
Your Physios will have full appointment books, you will be working on the business

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