About The Ultimate Physio

Greetings! I am a Physio clinic owner, employer of a team of 16, three time published author and mentor to Physios Australia wide. I have been a clinic owner for 17 years, and in that time I have seen everything that there is to see in the world of physiotherapy business.

My highest value in life is positively influencing people, my clients, my team, my local community and loved ones.

After several experiences earlier in my career losing key team members, and identifying the significant loss to my business and my confidence as a business owner, I have cultivated and developed a unique leadership and business development system. This system is aimed at understanding yourself as a Physio or clinic owner, applying this understanding to your everyday actions with your clients and team, and understanding your purpose which gives you incredible direction in your life.

This system has been developed through the integration of key learning from mentors both within and outside of the Physiotherapy profession. I have never seen such a comprehensive leadership approach used within our profession which is targeted to Physios and business owners. This can be tailored to your individual philosophies and beliefs as a Physio or business owner – no one size fits all approach or system.

This is not a marketing style “get hundreds of new clients, rebook them in advance, treatment plan” type of approach which promotes fear and lack of compliance as a Physio. Imagine marketing as tipping water into a bucket, but in most cases a bucket full of holes.

The “Ultimate Physio Clinic Blueprint” brings together the 5 main areas of physiotherapy private practice that you need to optimise in order to have a clinic that gives you time, profit and freedom:

Ultimate Phys

My programmes assist you to gain independence and confidence and find your purpose, as well as the all important loyalty we crave from our team members. My programmes help you fill the holes in your bucket so that when we tip new clients in they get optimal results with you and your team.

In my clinic, I have found that this approach has led to better results as a Physio, a happier and more united team, a working environment of growth and high performance, and a more profitable and more enjoyable clinic.

Ultimate Physio offerings range from free products such as our Facebook community with more than 1000 Aussie physio clinic owners, to low cost products such as my hardcover books, ebooks and audiobooks, to mid priced value options including my 2 online courses, to our flagship 9 month coaching offering “Build the Ultimate Physio Clinic”.


I am not your typical business coach. I am primarily a clinic owner and a Physio just like you, who has developed a method of team training which has allowed me the freedom to scale back my clinical caseload while simultaneously increasing the profitability of my business, while skipping to work every day and working alongside a high performing and inspired team, who help me live my highest value in a daily basis.

I am also the only business coach in Australia who works with physio clinic owners only.

Over the past 12 years I have personally worked with 6 different business coaches and leadership mentors both within and outside the Physio profession and invested more than $250 000 in personal development and leadership training. I will bring this insight to you at a fraction of the cost.

I look forward to joining you on this journey of personal and practice growth, to a position of confidence and strength in your clinic, and freedom and fulfilment in your daily practice.

Nick Schuster – Founder, Ultimate Physio

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