The Perfect consultation Series

Video 1 - Introduction

Step 1 - The Interview

Step 2 - Physical Exam

Step 3 - Treatment

Step 4 - Recommendations

Step 5 - Plan

Watch and learn how to deliver the perfect consultation

Didn't learn how to deliver a great, value packed consultation to your patients at uni? It takes 5 years to become highly proficient at the complex process that is delivering a physiotherapy consultation in private practice. Fast track your education here.

Learn from a 15 year experienced physio and clinic owner

In my 15 year career I have personally helped 5000+ people and delivered 50,000 consultations. I have made many mistakes on the way, but I have created a process that delivers the maximum value to my patients. Follow these simple videos to learn my method.

Help your patients achieve results they didn't think possible

We all went into the physio profession to help people. But how do you help people to the best of your ability? This video series teaches you advanced communication skills which will help your patients achieve optimal results, while positioning you as an expert in their eyes.

Great Read

Can’t believe how much your thoughts and beliefs align with my philosophy. Almost feel like you took some of those ideas and concepts out of my head

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Physio and clinic owner

Victoria, Australia

Physios - check out the first book ever written which actually explains what you need to be doing, day to day in your career to become the physio you have always wanted to be.

Nick Schuster, founder of Ultimate Physio, explains the concept of the Physio Success Quadrant - the 4 areas of physiotherapy you need to master to become the Ultimate Physio.

This book is relevant for physiotherapists or physical therapists of any level of experience, working in the private practice or clinic industry.