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I am pleased to publish the next episode of the Practiceology "7 Questions in 7 Minutes" Podcast.
In this episode, create of "The Ultimate Physio" program, Nick Schuster, shares (you guessed it) - how to be the ultimate physio -  all in just 7 minutes.
You can also get access to the first 4 chapters of his "Become the Ultimate Physio" book.
The Practiceology "7 Questions in 7 Minutes" Podcast is also available on all regular podcast channels.
I hope you enjoy this 7 minute interview with Nick Schuster, and keep an eye out for new episodes from world leading health business mentors and educators.
BTW - If you missed last months "Practiceology" demonstration webinars - you can register for either of the May 26th sessions at the link below:
Best Wishes
Paul Wright