Be The Ultimate Physio

You really love helping your clients in Private Practice, but you realise that there is so much more you need to learn about Private Practice to help you be the best Physio you can be.


You really love helping your clients in Private Practice, but you realise that there is so much more you need to learn about Private Practice to help you be the best Physio you can be. Your clinic owner has given you a good head start, but when it comes to business related stuff like how to confidently rebook clients, how to fill your diary, how to handle difficult clients, and how to become the Physio in your clinic who all the clients want to see (instead of them all wanting to see the owner), you really don't know where to start and who to turn to.

As a young physio, I often had to figure things out on my own. I didn't have a mentor, or anyone I could go to for advice, information or who would challenge me. I found it hard on my own, starting a business. I was a physio, but I didn't really know how to run a successful business. My business was struggling and I was working big hours, seeing lots of patients who weren't my ideal clients, and I felt like I was not growing as a person.

These challenges led me to find several awesome mentors both within and outside the Physio profession - to learn as much as I could about how to be the best Physio I could be. As I went on this journey of learning and self discovery I quickly realised that if I could work out how to be the best person I could be, I would then develop into the best Physio I can be.

Fast forward 14 years, my clinic is thriving, I see the patients I want to see and have endless word of mouth referrals, I have a great team of 17 Physios and support staff, and I am training them all in leadership and personal development, to help them be the best people they can be.

Now I am doing just that for you! I have created a program which will teach you how to be the best Physio you can be by becoming the best person you can be, so you can come to work happy every day, feel in control of a busy caseload of patients who have been referred to see you, feel like you are progressing in your knowledge and skills in private practice, and become highly valued within your clinic.

When you reach this level of leadership within your clinic you will attract the best clients, get great results with them, and opportunities for leadership, seniority and the possibility of owning your own clinic will all become reality!


Unlimited access to our VIP Group

As a part of your membership to this elite group, you will get inside access to my private practice skills and knowledge in a private forum setting alongside other Physios who want to better themselves, like you. As you complete the course this closed group will be where we discuss concepts and where you can ask questions and address your biggest challenges, and receive support from me and from your fellow group members. I find that we learn best when we are part of a group and we can ask questions and this is the forum for you to do so.

Specifically Tailored Course materials

Each module of our course will have a learning video accompanied by an exercise to maximise your learning. Physios often learn best by doing, and the exercises we will do together will add heaps of value to your learning. After each module, there will be a discussion in the closed VIP group. This way, we can share our opinions, thoughts, and challenges with each other to make sure you get as much as possible from the modules.

Become a Leader

After doing this course, you will have unique insight into what makes you a leader, what holds you back, how to set goals you will actually achieve, and the habits you need to create each week to achieve these goals. This journey of leadership and personal development is like nothing else that exists in the Physio profession, and the information in our course will give you a definite advantage in your daily practice.

This course is for you if you want to take charge of your future
Build your leadership credentials to further your career
Learn about what is holding you back so you can break through to the next level
Interested in personal development? Get ready to grow
Learn more about who you are, and what drives you
Want to achieve your goals and live a life with purpose? Learn how
Make a bigger different in the lives of your team, by becoming a real leader
Have a full appointment book all of the time, filled with patients you love treating

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