So here are ten good reasons previous clients have enjoyed working with me on my 9 month programme Build the Ultimate Physio Clinic which is currently running in our 4th group and in 2022 we will be starting our 5th group:

1) small groups – you are not just a number in a crowded room of people you can never get to know
2) the power of getting to know your classmates – with a small group you form bonds for life
3) same journey – with physio clinic owners your journeys are parallel and you learn from each other as well as…
4) access to me – you actually get to speak to me when you need to and I will not ghost or ignore you!
5) mixed live and Zoom delivery – Zoom for convenience, live for the experience
6) double bonus – of a proven, tried and tested curriculum that is constantly improving plus coaching for your unique challenges
7) long term – work together for 9 months then choose your journey afterwards based on your needs not some cookie cutter approach
8) exclusive entry – you don’t just get in if you have a clinic and a credit card
9) proven results – for those who are dead serious I have collected results from the first 2 intakes so I have proof that my methods with help you increase revenue and profit in your clinic and reduce your consulting hours
10) you will not end up as a testimonial online! I am highly protective of the privacy of my programme participants as I know this allows for growth during and after the programme when you can share without worrying that what you say could end up as a facebook ad!

Applications are now open for my 2022 intake. 24 clinic owners only and it will sell out and I promise you the business experience of your life!
Find out more info and take our short 21 question quiz to see if you are a fit:

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