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Nick is available for super valuable 90 minute strategy calls. These calls are designed for physio clinic owners, where Nick will give you some free advice on how to grow your business. The focus of the call will be on where you are at right now as a clinic owner, where you want to be in both one and three years' time, and what is stopping you from getting there. Book in on the calendar below to have a discussion with one of our Ultimate Physio team about what areas in your business you would like to improve or change. Your initial call will be a 15 minute screening call to determine if you, your business and your situation are suited to a 90 minute call with Nick. There will be information we send you before the call so Nick can give you the most tailored advice for you. **


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How am I different from all of the other Physio business coaches?

Early in Nick's business career he was coached by some of Australia’s best and most prominent physio business coaches.

Most of the physio business coaches in Australia focus on 2 things – marketing, and systems.

These are generally the 2 places that business owners begin with in their business journey – but they are definitely not where you need to stay.

As Nick implemented the marketing and systems recommendations from his business coaches, he noticed some results, but he noticed one big thing.

My people didn’t do the systems.

Why was this the case?

You see, your people, like mine, and employees. They are probably quite good, but they don’t have the same stake in getting stuff done in your business as you do.

So what did this mean to me? My people would do the things that they saw as critical (ie things that improved their consultation skills, and potentially their rebooking skills) but when it came to taking people to the next level there were a few missing pieces of the puzzle.

The first piece was my own mindset. Changing one’s mindset from a physio who owns a clinic to a clinic owner is a process, and can take 5-10 years. It involves addressing basically every element of your personality as a business owner – your environment, your identity, your beliefs, values, how you spend your time, the tasks you do, the language you use, how you interact with your different team members, and the list goes on.

I have gone about optimising my life from this perspective, through engaging the help of multiple mentors both within and outside the physio profession.

The second piece was truly understanding my team.

This process takes 1-2 years. At the moment your team see your systems implementation as hard work for them, and they can sometimes even dread when you come back after doing a course and throw more stuff at them. How much “credit” do you have with each team member to be able to ask them to constantly change and refine how they do things? When they started physio school did they imagine they would be doing things like marketing, going out and meeting potentially referrers, doing videos and writing content to put on your facebook page, and other tasks that physios can often buck back at?

Who do I enjoy working with?

There is a certain profile of physio clinic owner who tends to get the best results with me.

You have generally been a physio for 5-10 years and often more. You have owned your clinic more than 3 years at least.

Your clinic's turnover is in the mid 6 figure range - generally in the $400-$800k PA range, although I do work with selected owners of larger clinics.

You are still treating (and sometimes too much!) and often lots of clients only want to see you.

Your team is good, but not great. They have plenty of room for improvement.

Often you have hit the "brick wall" stage of your clinic. Losing key team members, being a bit burnt out, and having to take stock and make some big decisions for the future.

I enjoy working with clinic owners who have done some basic training in marketing and systems, and want to take their clinics to the next level. But if you have never done any business training before this is no barrier to us succeeding together.

The next step often involves some confronting and hard work around who you are, and the relationships you have with your team.

Master this step, and you have a clinic that gives you freedom, where you can reduce your hours and you have the trust and relationships with your team members that make this possible.

What happens when you try and step back without fixing your own stuff and building these relationships? You get drawn back in to fight every fire that comes along, or worse still have to step up again when one of your team members leaves.

If you need more personalised advice I do a free, no obligation 90 minute strategy call to give you massive value about what you need to be focusing on in your business.