most comprehensive business mentoring programme for owners of physio clinics

For the right clinic owners, here at Ultimate Physio I have designed what I believe to be the most comprehensive business mentoring programme for owners of physio clinics.

This programme compresses my 17 years of business learnings, and my more than a quarter of a million dollars spent on working with some of the most well respected mentors both within and outside of the physio profession.

Now, this programme is not for everyone.

Here are some criteria which generally result in you being a fit for my programme:

You run an established physio clinic (generally you have owner your clinic at least 3 years, but ideally 5 years plus)
You have a team of at least 3-4 people with a minimum of 1-2 other physios 
Your business turnover is mid to high six figures, or low seven figures
You have a family you want to ideally spend more time with
You feel like you are wearing too many hats in your business
You are still treating (and many patients only want to see you)
You can feel like you never have enough time to get everything done
Your business is not as profitable as it could potentially be
You have a good team, but you believe more could be done to improve your culture and your team' performance

"Build the Ultimate Physio Clinic" focuses on the 5 key areas of growing your business, as detailed in my book of the same name. These 5 areas are:

Team, and

We also have a bonus Practice Manager's module.  Each module is 2 live days, spaced 6 weeks apart. I host weekly webinars between each module which you can jump onto and receive live coaching for your issue.

As of late 2020 I have had 3 groups and a total of 35 physio clinic owners complete the course over the past 2 years.

Some owners have achieved some pretty incredible results so far, some of which include a doubling of business revenue and profit, letting go multiple low performing team members (or turning them around) and successfully recruiting high performers, learning to influence team performance through learning how to coach physios and admin team members, simpifying and improving understanding of the vital numbers to test and measure in business, implementation of a proven marketing plan that in my business generates more than 200 new client episodes per month, and, through all of these wins, reducing the business' reliance on the owner so they can spend more time doing what they love.

Interested in the programme?

Entry in the programme is a multi stepped process. You can request a copy of the programme prospectus by contacting my product concierge Haley by email here.

Haley will then forward you the prospectus, and arrange a quick 15 minute discovery call with you to find out about you, your clinic and your situation.

If you both believe you would be a fit for Nick's programme Haley will then arrange for you to book in for a 90 minute strategy session with Nick, where he will go into more depth with you about some of the problems and challenges you may be facing in your business, and he will give you some free, no obligation advice about how to improve your business, as well as more details to some of your questions about the programme.

We look forward to helping you on your business journey,

The Ultimate Physio team

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