Are you a busy clinic owner who needs to create position descriptions for your team but you don't have time? Are you always thinking, "I will get to that later?" This resource is a pre-made template kit of position descriptions for the Clinic Owner, the Practice Manager, the Lead Physio, a Physio and the Reception team.


I have adapted and optimised each of these position descriptions over a 5 year period, to make sure that they are relevant to each employee, actionable by both you the owner and your employee, and allow for significant growth of your people. These position descriptions also give you security when you need to have those "tough conversations" with your people regarding their performance.


In this pack you get 5 position descriptions:


1. Physio clinic owner - this position description is the most valuable, as the tasks contained within are your key to success!


2. Practice Manager - find out how to get most out of your clinic's most valuable resource (apart from you)


3. Lead Physio - discover what tasks a physio has to do to become a clinical lead in your clinic


4. Physio - what are the core tasks every physio should be doing?


5. Receptionist - learn about how to get the most out of your reception team


You will also receive a new employee details form template and a student/volunteer details form which you can customise to your clinic.

Template kit $197+GST

When you have current and relevant position descriptions for each team member, it makes it easier for everyone to know their role, it gives them clear guidelines and expectations when they start at your clinic and it allows you as the clinic owner, to monitor their progress during their time at your clinic. These documents give you something concrete for them to aspire to and focus on.

Template Kit (customised) $297+GST

This template kit is a done for your resource where we customise the documents for you. All you need to do is email your logo to: ruth@ultimatephysio.com.au and the documents will be created and emailed back to you.

    • These documents are for you if you are a busy clinic owner who wants to start putting processes into place
    • These documents will help you set clear expectations of your team
    • This will save you precious time and loads of effort
    • You will have systems in place for performance management
    • This will assist your HR processes
    • You will have professional templates and information when employing new team members
    • You will be able to edit them to make them specific to your clinic
    • Your team will have clear and concise guidelines from the very beginning of their employment with you