This is my first post in a series that I am going to call “the great physio drought”.

In the past 1-2 years in physio private practice in Australia, something strange has happened.

There are now more jobs in Australia than physios.

This has caused some unique problems and challenges in our profession.

Since 2012, when the APA documented that there were 4245 private practice physio clinics in Australia, that number according to APA data in 2018 is 6600.

But where are all the jobseekers?

It is so common these days to put a job ad out there into the ether and hear nothing. Crickets.

I will write a series of blogs on this topic.

I decided to add some context initially by adding the following report commissioned by the Australian Government, defining that there is a job shortage in the physio profession.

More to come. Stay tuned.


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