I wanted to write a short(ish) blog about my coaching philosophies to help some of you understand what it is like to work with me before you get the chance to.


The way that I coach and mentor is based on taking the best bits from the coaches I have worked with and creating an experience that is the opposite of the worst bits of coaches I have worked with over the past 13 years.


So here are a few of my philosophies:


  1. Slow burn leads to the best long term results – resist the quick fix or the sugarhit.


Whenever I worked with a coach before who wanted me to achieve instant results my hopes went sky high, and often I did get results quickly – but I found they were either shortlived or got people offside – either our clients or team. My coaching process is based around a 2-3 year transformation which starts with my 9 month programme. I tend to attract clients who are willing to be patient and trust in the process and who want long term, sustainable results and transformation rather than quick sugar hits.


2. Work with people I like and who like me


The coaches I worked with in the past whom I liked the most I tended to get the best results with. I am old school, a hard worker, willing to invest time and effort, and I am a thinker. I like to build relationships with my clients that could almost be life long. I tend to attract clients like me – rough diamonds, salt of the earth people, those who want to build, and those with families who want to create something in their clinics that gives them freedom and potentially a chance to create their true passion business once their clinic is running smoothly.


3. Quality beats quantity every day of the week


I want to get to know my clients. I hated being one of 100+ people in a room with no interactions or personal relationships with the owner of the coaching business where you get farmed out to the underlings. With my clients I get to know them and their clinics personally and this helps us get the best results together. This is why I limit numbers in my programme so we can form real and genuine relationships – not only with me, but with each other. You are not just a number with me.


4. No one gets left behind


Many coaches and programmes take best care of the “top 10%” and the rest get left behind to their own devices and challenges. Now everyone gets results at different rates and for different reasons. I will customise the journey to your needs to ensure that you don’t feel like you are losing control or that you don’t feel valued as part of my programme.



5. My progamme is immersive and will product transformation in you


I have learnt from many coaches over the year the best ways to teach to product transformation – and this is what I build into my 9 month programme. It is a curriculum as well as coaching, taught in parallel. And caters to all learning styles. Research around habit formation says it can take up to 360 days to form a new habit and this is why my programme goes for 9 months – not a quick weekend course but almost like a full year at school or uni, for optimal habit formation.


6. I don’t work with just anyone


If you are not suitable for my programme I will tell you and I have other products and services that will help you. So rest assured if I am talking to you about the programme I am recommending you do it because I have taken other clinic owners like you through the journey and have seen the results and transformation they were capable of.


7. I actually am results driven


I measure the success of my programme participants at various stages after the programme. More than 50% of programme participants have doubled their revenue, doubled their profit and reduced their clinical hours by 1/3 to half within 12-18 months after completing the programme! If you can find another business development programme with such a high success rate then jump on it…



Otherwise shoot me a facebook message if you want to know more and we will talk. Or an email to Nick@ultimatephysio.com.au

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