So is the grass actually greener on the other side, or do you need to water it? And what will watering it achieve?


You guys who know me well and have followed me for a while know occasionally I like to write stories with weird metaphors as the theme.


And today is no exception.


Let me tell you about my turf at home in North Brisbane.


18 months ago my wife and I decided we needed to take better care of our house (and ourselves) and so we decided to get some new turf. We did the research, chose the company and did the initial outlay. Kind of like buying or starting a physio clinic.


In the first 2 months after the turf was installed last October we encountered a heatwave and we realised our soil was of terrible quality, and the turf almost died. Sort of like when you start your clinic and things don’t go to plan. See photo 1 above.


Then the weather got colder, I got busy, and I sort of let it all go. Weeds came up through the lawn, patches died, and it wasn’t raining. See photo 2 above.


But one thing was happening – the lawn was strengthening and putting deeper roots down.


This is kind of like in a business where you are treating too much and you know it, and it isn’t raining. And you aren’t looking after the business, you are only taking care of the patients.


Then something clicked in me. I started to give a shit. Spring had come and I was hit with the urgency of having a nice lawn for summer.


So I kicked into gear. I called the expert who installed the lawn. She told me what to do – water and fertiliser. Kind of like working with a coach in your clinic so you know what to do.


I did this, and the lawn started to revive. See picture 3 above.


But it wasn’t done yet. I then went and bought the best push mower on the market – a Honda HRU216 self propelled self mulching mower. I had gone all in to take care of my lawn. This is like when you pay for good advice and mentorship in your physio clinic.


And I am writing this blog 30 mins after mowing my lawn and taking the 4th photo above.


The grass truly now is greener!


So what made the biggest difference?


None of this was would have happened without one thing:


Rain was the thing that made my lawn grow most – irrespective of how much I watered and fertilised it. In a physio clinic I see rain as – available physios, available patients, and available time for you to work on the business. If you don’t have these things your business will die. And you need all of them.


But what if you can’t find a physio?


Learn how to get new clients or old ones back into the clinic. Create time to work. And work with a mentor who knows how to teach you to water your lawn. And that mentor will help you attract the physios you have been trying so hard to attract with your brown lawn.


Physios want to work for a clinic with a beautiful, green, well kept lawn. I know this from experience. So in the words of Kevin Costner, “if you build it, they will come”. (Mixed my metaphors sorry).

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