How to find staff


Clinic owners – I’m going to help you solve a big problem – not being able to find staff.

How many of you have posted a job ad on this page or other pages with no replies. Do you know why? Physios looking for jobs aren’t that active on these pages – it is mainly us clinic owners.

I am creating an Australian community of physios employed in private practice – no clinic owners allowed!


Because Im going to share YOUR JOB ADS in this group.

Benefit to you?

The Physios in this group will feel safe applying for these jobs, without us as clinic owners watching on.

So how can you get involved?

Please share this new group with your Physio facebook groups, especially uni alumni groups – basically any group that has Australian Physios working in private practice.

Why should you use your valuable time to help me?

Would you rather find a great employee off this new group when the time comes or would you rather pay a recruiter ten grand??

Cheers! Nick

Ultimate Physio Facebook Group

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