The true bible for all physio clinic owners. Finally, a book that shows you how to build your clinic from nothing to 7 figures and more. The book is the most complete resource to build your physio clinic that exists today. Save yourself 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars that I spent building my clinic - get your copy now!

"Hey Nicholas. Just a heads up. I'm three quarters of the way through your book and it's quite brilliant. Can certainly identify with a lot of things. I've been in stable phase waaaaayyy too long, probably dipped my toes into transition, but quickly brought back to stable. But fantastic book and hopefully the kick in the butt that I need! Thank you."

- Andrew P, Physio clinic owner

"Nick is a true success story  in health business ownership, and this warts-and-all account of his journey should serve as a lesson to all physiotherapists wanting to earn more, , work less and enjoy their lives"  

- Paul Wright, Physiotherapist and Heakth Business Mentor

"I have known Nick for 10 years now and seen him progress from a great physio into an outstanding leader and business owner. Having been through the ups and downs of starting and growing my business over the years I'm so excited that clinic owners will be able to skip a lot of the heartaches and challenges that Nick and I had to go through. I have been a client of Nick's business for many years and can first-hand attest to him, his team and the consistently awesome experience they provide in the clinic. You are a wise person to follow his advice."

- Jacob McCluskie, Founder of Positive Existence Personal Training

"As an  owner of three practices with over 30 physiotherapists working under me, I have come to realise this did not happen by accident and takes strategy, execution and strong leadership. Nick Schuster is one of the first physios to develop a model that he is willing to share in this book.It would have made my journey far simpler and quicker if I had this book prior to starting my business career."

- James Schombergk, Director, Back in Motion Campbelltown
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Build the Ultimate Physio clinic is the 'bible' for physio clinic owners world-wide. Nick Schuster is the #1 authority in building high-performance physio clinics that give founders profit, freedom and fun while having a huge impact in the lives of patients. Most of all, this book will not only transform your physio clinic, it will transform your life.... if you let it.

Michael Reid, Diector - DENT Global