An employee lodges a complaint with Fair Work Australia claiming she was expected to attend meetings outside of work hours and was not paid for these. You claim her attendance was optional and that’s why she wasn’t paid. Would you know how to manage this situation?

Complaints from patients are almost expected but you don’t always see complaints from your employees coming. Employment related disputes are an increasing trend in claims according to recent claims insight from Guild Insurance. The trend indicates that some employers are not fully aware of their workplace rights and obligations and the laws governing them as an employer.

Employment disputes can have serious consequences for your business. Not only can it create a stressful work environment, it can also have repercussions on your reputation as an employer and business, and can even have legal consequences should the complaint escalate to Fair Work Australia.

Be aware of your employer obligations

As an employer there are certain legal workplace obligations you must adhere to. Everything from salary and awards to leave entitlements and terminating employment, there are specific laws that govern how these are to be handled. The best way to stay compliant with these laws is to stay informed of the laws. The following two websites contain a great deal of easy to follow information to assist employers, and employees, understand their obligations.


You can also learn about the National Employment Standards (NES) which are 10 minimum employment entitlements that must be provided to all employees via the link below.


Avoid complaints arising

Setting up clear policies can help you to avoid complaints from arising. When onboarding new staff, it is important to provide them with the policy documents and discuss any queries up front. For existing staff, ensure that all expectations are clearly communicated especially if anything changes within the business.

Employment Practices Liability insurance

No one is immune to a complaint, however having the right resources when a complaint does occur can make all the difference. Employment Practices Liability insurance exists to provide support to businesses when they’re faced with an employment related complaint or allegation.


To find out how Guild Insurance’s Employment Practices Liability insurance can help protect your business, speak to one our insurance specialists at a time that suits you. For more information, visit the Guild Insurance website .


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