This is the book the private practice physio industry has been waiting for. Learn how to get the most out of not only your physio career, but your life.

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"Nick I just finished your book and I want to thank you. You have helped me to understand much deeper the things that my young physios are going through as well as where I have failed them in my training and mentoring. This book will help us speed up the progression from novice to experienced. Understanding is the first step which as you said, can take at least five years. With this book I hope we can shorten this time and make it a much less stressful time for both Physio and mentor"

- Clinic Owner, Western Australia

"Great Read. Can’t believe how much your thoughts and beliefs align with my philosophy. Almost feel like you took some of those ideas and concepts out of my head."

- Clinic Owner, Victoria
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I can whole-heartedly recommend this book for physios considering purchasing a practice, for new clinic owners and even those who are experienced looking to grow. It is a thought-provoking book that challenges some of the ‘norms’ that hold back our wonderful profession. Use it with your teams, and pour over it a few times to glean all the gold nuggets of information.

James Schomburgk BAppSc (Physio), MAppSc (Manip Physio), APAM, Director Valley View, Campbelltown and Mt Barker